June 17, 2012

God became a human being to show us the way

God became human so we would come to know what being human really is … and what it is not.

God is love
Love is kindness
Love is acceptance
Love is ongoing, forging ahead, pursuing
Love is patient
Love is compassionate
Love builds up another
Love thinks good thoughts
Love seeks the best in another
Love is merciful, gentle
Love is forgiving
Love is thankful
Love embraces each new day
Love is faithful
Love is secure
Love intently listens with our ears, our eyes, our heart
Love is hopeful
Love is joyful
Love is trusting
Love endures
Love believes
Love helps to carry another’s burdens
Love rejoices in the truth

God came to earth
The baby born in a manger
Jesus – Immanuel
God with us
To show the world
You and me
He came to take your place
He came to bring you hope
He came out of love

God is not unloving

Love is not envious
Not provoked
Not rude
Love does not hold grudges
Does not devalue and destroy – ourselves or another
Love is not spiteful
Love is not harmful
Love does not desire what belongs to another
Love does not lie – to ourselves or to another
 Love does not respond negatively
Love is not deceitful
Does not argue and dispute endlessly
Does not murmur against another
Love does not continually complain
Does not hinder the personal growth of another
Love does not show resentment
Love does not judge another

Love is not abstract
Love is real.

God is real.
God does not waver; He is unchanging
God is love

God’s love is unconditional
God gave of Himself
He sent His Son
to show us the way … the way of hope, the way of joy, the way of peace … the way to being real and true and complete.

It is not found in ourselves.
It is not something we can conjure up and it’ll happen

It is only through God and because of God that we truly know what humanity is, what love is, and what it is not.

(c) June 16, 2012 

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