July 24, 2012

Are we deadened .. or are we alive

Are we deadened
to the sounds
around us
Silently they speak
Harsh too
Withdrawn into self
Fearful of stepping beyond
the perimeter of our individual circle
Small and alone
we are
We don't hear
We think no one hears us,
no one cares
and we don't care
No one steps up,
No one steps beyond
their safety net
Not even you or me
We are afraid, as they

Who will answer
Ed Ames asked
in decades gone by
No one, we think
No one, we believe
No one will answer
No one has

But we are wrong

The Lord answers
But do we hear
in the stillness
before a raging
storm brewing
or beyond

or do we hear
the harshness of Satan
You're right, you're right
No one cares
You'd be better off
without them
You're right, they're wrong
they don't love you,
find another
they don't care
find someone who does

find another
find someone

The answer is not found
The answer is not found
in Another person
Another life
More money
Bigger house
Nicer car
Nicer clothes
Better job
Better health

None of this fulfills us

The Lord
what we need
when we need it
But we have to look to Him

The Lord
shows us the way
Are we paying attention
Are we listening
Are we following
Are we obeying

The Lord
seeks you
not to pull you down
not to destroy you
but to build you up
to create in you
a sense of belonging,
an aliveness

The Lord loves you
Does Satan

The Lord wants your best always
Does Satan

The Lord Jesus died for you
Did Satan
What did Satan do for you
What does Satan really do for you

Are you deadened
to the sounds

or are you alive?

(c) July 24, 2012 

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