December 24, 2012

On this Christmas morn - December 25

On this December day … Christmas
The birth of God
in human flesh
Christians come together
and celebrate

who is The Christ
Jesus Christ
Son of God

He came
He lived
He died
He came again
He lives

His reign

Almighty God
our Lord Jesus
the eternal Holy Spirit
within our hearts

the great I AM
is the Promise foretold
The Promise
of Light
and Gladness
of Liberty
and Peace
of Extraordinary King
and Everlasting Reign

He is
Our deliverer
Our preserver
Our strength
Our sustainer
Our healer
Our disciplinarian
Our guide
along paths wide and narrow

He is
Our Savior … My Savior
Our Redeemer … Mine
Our hearer
of many prayers given
questions asked
concerns voiced

He is All Powerful
He has All Authority
He is Creator

He is My Rock
My fortress
My guard
My shelter
from storms within and without

He is
and Kind
He is Good

He carries
our brokenness
He weeps
when we
He gives comfort

He is sufficient

He is gracious
He is righteous
He rightfully judges

He comes to us
waits for us

He is my shield
My stronghold
He holds us,
enfolds us
within His wings

He empowers us
with all He has for us
to do
in the midst of
our enemies … what ere they be

He is the lifter of our souls
from the depths of
deep despair

He is waiting
for us to seek
for us to find
for us to believe. 

He is merciful
He is holy
He is faithful

He is our Salvation … mine

He is worthy
Worthy of praise
Worthy of honor
Worthy of worship
Worthy of unending, unfailing love

Oh yes,
on this coming Christmas day
we celebrate the birth
of He
who was and is
and is to come …

Jesus Christ

Merry Christmas! 
(c) December 24, 2012

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