December 28, 2012

We have done wrong

We have done wrong
Yet we see it not
A day of judgment
will come
The Lord pleads
with us
and for us
He will execute justice
His will will prevail.

We have done wrong
and continue
a path of
and success
Yet our hoped for victory
is at a

We have done wrong
Our hour
is coming
We see our weaknesses
Our lostness
We see our need
for ONE who is
and wiser
and more powerful
We see our need
for God
The Holy One

We have done wrong
We have forgotten much
Yet in that last final breath
of human life
we seek
His forgiveness
His love
His comfort

We grasp
the hand of God

All our wrongs
made right

We have found
peace – cool, soothing,
Eternal and Everlasting
as we enter the gates
of His Heavenly Kingdom.

(c) December 28, 2012

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