August 08, 2014

Thank You Lord

Thank You Lord Jesus
Thank You so very much …
for the many you have
brought into our lives
-- those who have shared
in our bounty
-- those who have given
of their own harvest
to us

Thank You Lord
so very much
-- for prayer warriors
who remain constant
-- for those who come alongside us
and provide listening ears
heart-filled words of wisdom
-- for those who share of what they have
with those who lack of what they need

Thank You Lord Jesus
for You
and Your servants
in every part of the world

Thank You for loving me
Thank You for finding me
Thank You for saving me
-- for breathing life into me
at birth and rebirth

Thank You for believing in me
Thank You for dying for me
Thank You for teaching me
Thank You for lifting me up
Thank You for encouraging me

 Thank You for loving me Lord.
Thank You so very much.

(c) August 8, 2014

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