October 04, 2014

God says, Yes you can, Yes you can

How Lord?
I started
Stopped for study
Discovered a different plan
revealed by You Lord
I see the benefits
I have prepared the groundwork
Yet I don't understand
the way to bring it all together
I think to myself, I can't do this.
But I hear You say, Yes you can.
Like the childhood storybook,
"The Little Engine That Could"
Yes I can, Yes I can
In my abilities, yes,
and primarily in God
who will shape my thinking,
my words
who will locate the many pieces
scattered in numerous journals
and within me
struggling to find release
I have begun
I am excited
I am also scared
unsure of myself
I remember
God says,
don't focus on yourself.
Focus on Me
I will bring you through
I will be with you every step
Do not falter
Let Me be your guide
Continue where you have left off
The journey is unending
This is but a glimpse
So much you have to share
The gift I give you
to pass on
will show My glory
to the utmost.

(c) October 4, 2014

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