October 29, 2014

The Light of Jesus lives in you .. walk in His Light

The Light of Jesus
lives in you
But the light
does not
shine through
so others
near and far
can see
the love within.

You chain yourself
to the ways
of the world,
giving way to
outbursts of wrath.

You think yourself
above reproach
but you are foolish
(like the 10 bridesmaids --
five were prepared
and five were not
when it came time
to meet the bridegroom)
You cannot be filled
or refilled
with the Spirit
of God's Love
when days are spent
doing that which is contrary
to His will.

The Light of Jesus
lives in you.
When it shines through,
the love
and joy
and peace
and patience
and kindness
and goodness
and faithfulness
and gentleness
and self-control
will permeate the darkness --
the current state you are in
and you won't live there anymore

The Light of Jesus
lives in you.
Won't you walk in that very Light?

You are God's workmanship
He created you
for good works
to walk in them
not to give in to selfish desires
that do not uplift
yourself or those around you

You are weary and discouraged
You fail to share, to open yourself
to your personal struggles
So no one will see,
no one will know
you are timid, afraid
you are human

You hide behind doors
(not literal, but figurataive) --
you do not allow
another to enter

If you could, would only see
the error, the folly
of your ways
His Light
God's most Holy Light
His Son, Jesus Christ,
lives within you
You can do anything through Him
He is with you always

Step away from the darkness
that seeks control of your mind
Trust in Jesus
Believe in His promises
Be open to instruction
You are not always right
You do not know all the answers
but God does.

(based on readings in Ephesians 2:10 and Hebrews 12:1a-15)
(c) October 29, 2014

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