December 23, 2014

A new day rises

A new day rises

Is it as dismal as days before
with our eyes of sight to see only pitch black darkness
our ears of sound to hear only unending silence
our hands of touch to feel nothing … no one
our minds of thought to think only selfishness
our mouths of words to speak only discouragement, defeat, complaints

A new day rises

every day
a new start, another chance

Is it the sun
that brightens your day
that clears your thoughts

or would you still live
in darkness
in silence
in selfish indignation

A new day rises

we are
of God
Our physical birth
gives us life

and choices
as each new day rises

who rules the heavens
the earth
all everywhere
He is merciful
filled with compassion
and everlasting love
“They are new every morning.”
(Lamentations 3:23)

God is our Hope
as His Son, Jesus
He is our Savior

In Him, With Him,
Through Him
we are made new
Our spiritual birth
gives us new life

A new day rises

Fill your hearts
and what you see
with love and peace
and joy and kindness
and goodness
and compassion

As each new day rises
the new you
will also rise
and Jesus’ love
will shine forever bright.
© December23, 2014

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