May 11, 2012

Room for Jesus

There was no room
No place
Not for His mother Mary
Nor His stepdad Joseph
Not for Himself
The Christ Child
Infant Holy

There was no room
No place
Foxes had holes
Birds had nests
But for the Son of Man
There was no place
to dwell and rest

He had the whole world
and has it still
For He, God Almighty
formed it from nothing
Our Creator is He

But there is no room
No place

The Call extended
to you and you and you
to become like Christ
There is no room
No place
No home on earth
to call his own

We, His followers
To Go Forth
to be His witnesses
to everyone
and everywhere --
within our community
our city or state
or another more distant
with cultures beyond our own

To Seek
the poor,
the sorrowful,
the weak,
the hungry,
the thirsty,
the lame,
the blind,
the disillusioned and misguided
to show all
the way
to Him, Our Eternal Savior.

There is no room
There is no place
Except within our hearts
It is our choice
to invite Him, The Holy Spirit,
into our hearts
a place to abide
to dwell and rest
a place to call home
a place of life

There was no room
There was no place

But there can be ...

When you accept God's call
When you give your heart to Him

Won't you give Him room
a place
to be Lord of your life?

(c) June 13, 2011

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