May 11, 2012

a new day will rise

a new day rises
the earth is freshened
with rains from above
the darkness of the preceding day
retains its hold
but God sees all.

To and fro
He goes as we go
and as our gaze
settles on Him
and Him alone
-- not darting or questioning or
taking too quick action --

another day will rise
tomorrow perhaps
or the next.
the darkness
will not keep us
secluded and fearful.

Our God
who sees
and knows
our comings and goings
will show us
what He knew
in the beginning.

We see oh so dimly now
as in a mirror
fogged over.

Another new day will rise
the darkness will fade
We will be in the Light
and it will be good.

(c) July 22, 2011 

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