July 08, 2012


Doubts come
Sometimes we just pass through them 
They are fleeting
Gone within moments

Other times 
doubts come
and bring us down 

We clamor to get out
but the walls of 
keep us closed in 

No one reaches out
No one says
No one says
"Join the group" 
"We need you" 

And our doubts
become fears
And our fears 
lead us down a path
we don't want to follow 
yet we go 

Won't someone please! 
Lord, help me
I don't like this place 
I don't like 
these insecurities
battling within 

Where is the Light?!

And Jesus answers,
I am here, my child
I am always with you
The walls 
do not have to cave in 
and smother you 

Take my hand child, 
grasp hold
I will not let you go 
You are indispensable to me
You are mine
I love you. 
(c) July 8, 2012

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