August 15, 2012

It doesn't depend on me, except

It doesn’t depend on me
except to do the will
of my Father
to be obedient
to His command
to trust in His
very word
His every promise
to believe He is
who He says
by what He has done
and what He is doing
and what He will continue to do

It doesn’t depend on me
beyond this –
for it depends on another
The Lord Himself

It is He
who will fire us up
to extend a welcoming
hand or embrace

He will enable us
to be as Him,
showing us the way
when He lived among us
when He became one of us.

To be as Him,
but not Him

He is The One
There is One Truth -- He is The Son of God
There is One Savior -- Jesus is The Only Way
to salvation, to eternal life
There is One Basic Reason – Sin,
and that makes us guilty of judgment
There is One Solution – To die,
but Jesus took our place
He went to the cross,
He gave His life for ours
He loved us and loves us still so much
He died for us

He is The One
It does depend.

But I owe Him
my obedience
my trust
my faith
my life
my love

© August 15, 2012

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