October 19, 2012

Turn from … turn to The Holy One

God the Father – Jesus the Son – The Holy Spirit
In the beginning
At the final hour

Chooses His followers
but some wander
upon paths thought
to be more promising

Ridiculed, Blasphemed
Brought down to a level
thought fitting for someone
who spat lies, professed falsehoods
and tales of who
He deemed to be

He set the commandments
to be followed
He set the punishment
to be passed
But we look away,
refuse to be ruled
by a higher authority.
Only when what is given
is more than
we can withstand,
do we cry out
and make claims
of allegiance to
The Holy One,
but then again,
we withdraw
and say no more, no more.

Me is more important
than a Holy God.
My wants
My desires
My reasons
My point of view
My beliefs

He still stands
He is here
For all our pushing away
and condemning
He remains.

Death could not keep Him
Satan’s power is minuscule
next to our glorious Lord
whose power is immense
He is King
He is Ruler
He knows our final destiny
He knows you
Yes, even you who know not of Him
who claim no need, no desire

Your destiny
is in the hands of a strong
and powerful God
who wields judgments
and in finality,
condemns you to sentences
of no escape.

He is loving yes
He desires you to turn
from selfish ways
to Him
who truly sets us free.

But His love,
His grace, His mercy
will not be our reward IF
He is not to whom we live.

© October 18-19, 2012

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