November 11, 2012

Many do not know ... God is the missing link

We travel the route
We follow The One
who has traveled it before
We move forward
step by step
we move on
Others see us
watching how we move
considering if it be for them

The Holy One
Moving forward
we sometimes move backward
we sometimes don’t follow
His guiding,
but listen to ourselves,
react to our feelings,
our emotions that slither
through us like the devil snake himself

We hear what we think another says
We believe what we think another says
We do not hear or comprehend
what is real or true
God knows our every thought,
our every word, our every action
conceived and carried out
We say one thing.
Another hears it differently.
You say “Are you done?”
Another replies, “No”
but not in answer to your question,
but to the perceived question
they hear – “Do you want anymore?”
Why is that?
It is no wonder we don’t believe another
when “I love you” is said

We perceive a lie
We – some of us – profess to be a
follower of Christ
Some do not.
God listens
God hears
God comprehends
Every last one of us struggles
to see as God sees
and does and is.
No one is perfect.
No one can lay claim
that they always walk with God,
always listen, always make time
for everyone, always do
what is right.
But there are those who do believe
they never swerve off the path
They travel in other circles
They are God’s child
and they make no mistakes.
They always listen – but do they?
You are not Jesus
Only He is the perfect one
Only He is the true and the real
He is our helpmate
He is The One who truly knows
and truly cares
and truly listens, truly understands,
truly loves.
Only God knows what we need
He is our creator.
He is our Father.
Truly, he says to you,
You are My beloved. 

I sent My Son
to live among you
to show you the way
to be your guide
I sent My Son
to die for you
to be Your Savior
I and My Son are one
I raised My Son
On the third day
after death and burial
He rose up from the grave
I sent My Son
as the Holy Spirit
to reign within your heart
I sent My Son to live
to show you the way
to be your guide
He is true
He is real
He is love
Through Him you find the way
Through Him are all the answers
to all the questions

I sent My Son
He is true
and righteous
He truly loves you
as I
for we are one

I sent My Son
to be the forever
for the sins of all
my children
He died for you
and He lives forever.
He died for you
Do you not believe?
Why not?
He is real
He is True
We are flesh and blood
We are human
Our emotions
overcome us
We do not stay
steadfast in His word
We do not remain
true to His message
We are swallowed up
whole like Jonah in the whale
We listen to our thoughts
We listen to our wants
We do not fine tune
our ears and heart and mind
to the truth of God
but listen instead to our truth
and follow our own agenda 
We remain lost
We do not seek God
and when we do, it is not
We stray.
Every moment of every day
we need to stay focused
on The One who can bring
us the truth, who can bring us
the Love.
He is Truth
He is Love
He shows us The Way
He is The Way
But we do not remember
We continually forget
We continually step past Him
do our own thing
We do not listen

We do not abide
Time and time again
He loves us so much
and we
do not care.
Lost  and forlorn
And the answer
is there for the taking
Yet we refuse
Satan has us
where he wants us
and we let him have his way.
We find it easier to give in
and give up
than to push on and
strive for God’s truth, God’s love.
Yet He remains
steadfast and trustworthy
He continues seeking us out
showing us the better way,
the best way
He is our Maker
With His breath
His hand
We became.
Without Him we
are nothing.
Sadly, many are
without Him
and do not know
cannot comprehend
what they need
what is missing
Not more and more
of things
Things do not bring happiness
Things do not bring peace
nor love
nor satisfaction

God is the answer to our every need,
our every want
God is the missing link
from your life

He misses you
He loves you
He strives to bring you
to completeness
you and me in God
and God in you and in me.
(c) November 10 and 11, 2012 

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