February 15, 2013

It's not me ... It's God

It’s not my right, but God’s right
It’s not about me, but about God
It’s not my laws, but God’s laws
It’s not my judgments against you, but God’s judgments against us all
It’s not about what I think is good and evil,
but what God knows is good and what God knows is evil --
God’s wisdom surpasses any and all.

It’s never about me, although we live like its about us --
We are in charge of us.
It’s about Him --
 who created us
who sustains us
who protects us
who redeems us
who loves us
who desires a relationship with us
who guides us
who encourages us
who imparts wisdom unto us
so we will know right from wrong
and desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus
who showers us with blessings every day
who strengthens us in our struggles
who comforts us in our hours of sadness and remorse
who gives us answers
who shows us the way
but leaves the choice up to us

It is my choice how I live,
your choice how you live
We choose to be obedient to God
and His commands
or we live only for ourselves

However we choose,
good or evil,
with Jesus as our Lord and Savior
or Satan our enforcer
God reigns forever and ever

Satan will be terminated.
And all who
do not follow the Lord,
who refuse Him
and refute His words of wisdom
will be banished
to the deep dark trenches
in the bowels of the earth
Destined to a life of
total  and complete misery.

There is no prayer
to bring one back
from the grave of hell.
You live your life
You make your choices
You pay the price.

Jesus died for us.
He paid the ultimate price
to bring us
true freedom,

Will you say yes

or will you say no

Will you live your life
looking unto Jesus

or will you only look inward
and determine
how you can fix
all your problems

It’s a lifelong decision, commitment

Moment to moment,
you choose to allow God
to guide your steps
OR you choose to allow Satan
to rule.
(c) February 15, 2013 

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