July 24, 2013

It's all about love -- the love of God

True friendship
is all about love –
The Love of God
shown to all of mankind
when He sent His only
begotten Son to earth
to become the sin offering
for every single human life
on this planet.

Jesus, the Son of God,
knew no sin
yet He became sin
for us – me and you
He went to the cross
and died for us –
that was His mission,
His goal, His purpose
to give us new life
a new purpose
a new reality
not of our own making.

True friendship
is all about love --
The love of God

Jesus tells us, shows us
to be fishers of men (and women)
not to catch and release
not to catch and let die
but to catch and change

Change for a better life
a Christ-filled life

To be as Christ
we need to devote our lives
to Him, with Him
we need to do as He
It is more, much more
that reading, studying, listening, meditating
His Word
It is experiencing all He is
with Him within us.
(c) July 24, 2013

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