September 06, 2014

A message to you from God

I am amiss
but listening?
For if I was
would not action follow?

Of course
I hear
some things
but not all
Important things
for me
to pay attention to
often skipped over
I saying repeatedly,
“Another time.”

Another time Lord
I will hear
I will listen
I will obey

But when another time comes …
When the Lord comes
again and again
what have I heard
what do I do?

“My child, My child
Come to Me
Hear My Voice
Listen to My Instruction
Respond Willingly
Do not turn away.”

Let your yeses be yes
and your no’s be no
but do not say yes
when  your response
should be no
Do not give in
because of your weakness

I AM with you
I will help you
Reach out for Me --
I am a breath, a fingertip away

You think you can hide
from those around you
But I see
what you do
and don’t do
and you know
what you do
that you should not.

Listen to Me
My child.
I know what is best for you.
You may think otherwise.
All of My children
have at one time or another
thought themselves

True smartness
comes from knowing Me
body, soul, mind and heart

Don’t put off
what you need to come to grips with now
It will catch up with you

The consequences
of your action or non-action
will be upon you
and you will pay dearly
for the error of your ways

Hear Me, My Child
Listen to Me
Obey Me

Do not continue to wait …
you are playing with fire.

You know who you are.


Do not presume
there is still time.

I AM the Father of time
I created the universe
I created you

Time is of the essence
There is no time to wait
Time is racing away

Do not put off till tomorrow
what you should do today
Tomorrow is too late
Tomorrow may not come for you.

(c) September 6, 2014

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