September 07, 2014

Who made you?!

God does not condemn those who are clothed in His righteousness. Our righteousness only comes to us through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. God abhors, sourly distastes the use of guilt as a means of motivation among Christians.

I am free
sin removed and given righteousness
through the Lord Jesus Christ

Who made you judge
Who placed the gavel
of sentencing another
in your hand

I am free
I am not perfect
and neither are you

Who made you more righteous
than another

Who instructed you
to tear down
to destroy another
who deserves My love
as much as you

Who made you more important,
more noble, more pure

Who made you less guiltless

All of you are sinners
Saved yes
but sinners nonetheless

Don't use your freedom in Me
to motivate your brother and your sister
through their guilt.

They, as you, are sinners saved by grace
My grace

Be loving
Be kind
Be gentle
Be helpful
Be teachers

Be no more
no less

Just be
You are My Child
You and you and you
My Children

Show by example
as My Son
showed you.
(c) September 7, 2014

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