September 24, 2014

Benefits and Blessings

Benefits and blessings
We receive
when our days,
moment by moment,
are filled
with God-given thought
rather than
dark areas infiltrating
to negative
worldly thinking

Difficulties always
by why be ruled by
have nots

and praise
comes when
the benefits and blessings
are seen
when we are grateful
for what is given
in the spirit of His Love
without complaint
without expecting payment

Remorse takes us backward
Sunshiny skies forward
Doom and gloom backward
Joy and laughter forward

Wouldn't we rather be
making forward-moving strides

We all have occasions
when backward glances
sadden our faces
but joy
is in
the morning.

Let us be glad,
stay in tune, in time
with His step.
He will never
lead us astray.

Keep me near you Lord.
All the time.

(c) September 23, 2014

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