October 06, 2012

All answers found

All my answers
are found
in God’s Holy Book
from the beginning of time
when God created
earth and mankind
and the animal kingdom
to the end of time
when the Lord Jesus
returns to earth
carries His own home
avenges His loved ones
judges against those
already condemned
for unbelief.

All my answers
to my every question
spoken and unspoken
are within
The Scriptures

The history of me
and how His Word
applies to me
is found in every word written,
every i dotted, every t crossed

My history
began the moment
The Lord Jesus
became my personal Savior
for without Him
what is me
is so very incomplete.

All my answers
are there … in His Word
ready to be gleaned
and wielded

All my answers
are found in Him
and His Almighty Word
My life is in Him.

Is yours? 
October 6, 2012

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