September 16, 2014

God is the answer ... every time

I want to be
and do and act
whatever ways God desires
yet I seem to fail
day in, day out

Is He ever pleased with me?

Where is my kindness
My gentleness
My patience
My love
Where did it go
Did I ever possess those attributes
Do I now

Am I really on a road God designed

I do not know.

Jesus tells me to look up
Keep my focus steady on Him
I do.
I try.
I am not very successful.

I make errors.
I am accused of things
that are not true.

So did Jesus --
He didn’t error,
but there were many,
and still are,
who accuse Him
of things that are false.

He was kind
and gentle
and patient …

There were times too
for His anger
and condemnation
and judgment.
He knew what and when
to say what was needed.

Where is my discernment?

I am at a loss --
for words and action
I am tied in knots
I become silent
and even then,
silence is not golden
but wrought with tears
and dismay.

I cry out to God
I cry within

God hears my pain
He knows my heart
He points me to Himself.

the answer,
All you need
is found in Me.
Do not lose hope, courage.
Do not stop
what has begun.
Carry on.
Step out
on the faith
you have in Me.
I will help you
be effective.
Rely on Me,
not on yourself.
Rely on Me.
I am with you Always.
(c) September 16, 2014

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