June 15, 2017

O where are you ... you of little faith

The trials
They come
They seem to stay
Sometimes they move away
But then they return
and we struggle
we endure
Irritation develops
with others
with ourselves
with our spouses
and our children

This is not God's way

We are failing
Our faith has moved off center
and Jesus is not our focus

O where are you
You of little faith

The trials do not come
to harm us
We are to learn
We are to grow
We are to stand upright
and strong
leaning on Jesus
who gave His all to set us free
Yet we remain locked in
We believe the lies
of others told
of those we tell ourselves

O where are you
You of little faith

If only we would believe
the word of our Father in heaven

The trials bring blessings
Why do we not see
The trials bring us to You -
enabling us to be
more like You
filled with tenderness
and love,
and much, much more.

O you of little faith
Come forth
the beauty that abounds
all around you.

(c) Cathy Orrick Luders
June 15, 2017

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