October 01, 2012

a dream of questions

It is night
I am asleep

I wake
yet it is in a distant land
within my mind
and nowhere beyond

I am driving
others too
travel around me
down the highway
My eyes
forced to look up,
yet struggling to retain control
of the wheel,
I see
a plane
alone in the sky
Gold flames of fire
and parts disintegrating,
hurtling downward

I want to escape
Stop the car!
Go faster!
But I cannot find the brake
and I cannot go faster
There is only one speed
It is constant
and before me
the flames

I travel on.
In the distance
in formation
like birds heading south

Other planes
spiraling downward.

I wake.
It is morning.

But I question …
What does it mean?
Is it war?
Is it a premonition
of things to come?
Is God showing me
something I need to know?
October 1, 2012

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