February 22, 2013

Our True Victor

Warriors are we
We go out and conquer
That is our attempt
Our weapons
a disgrace
Guns and knives
fail to disarm
the advancing enemy
Our fear
overcomes us
day and night

Warriors are we
we go out
and we return
But to have conquered,
to have been fruitful
we must abide
we must
keep the way of the Lord
be strong in Him
and in His mighty power
We must clothe ourselves
with the armor of God
to stand against
our opposition boldly

Our armor…?
We are not girded
with heavy metals as Goliath
when David came against him in battle


Our battle gear
is fully of God
We arm ourselves
with The Truth,
God’s Holy Word – The Bible
We walk righteously
before God,
having  been forgiven
of our sins
We are ready
at a moment’s notice
to share God’s message
of love and peace
We carry our faith
with us,
believing wholeheartedly
what the Lord says He will do,
has done, and will do again
We accept His gift
of salvation – an offering
of eternal life with God the Father
and Jesus His Son
We take up His sword
The Truth of The Word of God -
written in the Bible
Jesus Christ, the Living God
who resides in the hearts of forgiven souls
as the Holy Spirit
We pray and seek His guidance

Warriors are we
We go out and destroy
and when we return
it is with peace in our hearts
and joy in our steps.
Total dedication  to the Lord
whom we forever
worship and praise.
Our True Victor.  
(c) February 21-22, 2013

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