May 01, 2013

The expectant waiting is fulfilled

Sunset to sunset
in Old Testament day
a time of expectation

Sunrise to sunrise
in this New Testament day
the time of expectation
The Lord –
promised, prophesied
has risen …
from the dead
has He been reborn.


A light in the darkness
is born
a babe in Mother Mary’s arms
Night falls at midday
with suffering and death
on Calvary’s cross
But in the morning,
on the 3rd day
a glorious light
fills the heavens
He has risen!
He is alive!
The expectant waiting
has been fulfilled
A new day has come.

Are you living in the new day
Are you alive in Him
or are you still stuck
in the Old Testament
waiting for what is already here?
(c) April 30, 2013

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