August 03, 2013

Be wise and repent

Be wise and repent
For when the world ends,
and it will -- it is no mistake,
where will you be?

The Lord God
He created you and me
He came as one of us,
only Holy
and without blemish.
He came to die
in our place
for us.
He,  The Lord God
He took our place
He took all of our sins
upon Himself
To make us free

Be wise and repent

Or don’t
Go ahead --
be foolish … ignore the signs, pretend

When the end times come
When Jesus returns
all who do not repent,
who do not turn from
evil and wickedness,
will die
and will descend into hell.
There will be no escape

Be wise and repent

Know the way of Jesus
Follow the path
He trod
the path He leads us on
Accept Him as your personal Lord and Savior

And when the end times come
When Jesus returns
we too will die
but we can rejoice
our journey through life
will lead us to heaven’s gate
We will enter into the Holy of Holies,
into the presence of the Almighty God.

Be wise and repent
while there is still time.
(c) August 3, 2013

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