November 02, 2014

Miss you

Jim and I were gone
eight months away
then one day
and discovered

We were missed --
I was missed
by someone dear

such unexpected joy
She and I visited then
and later too

but often
Jim and I
were off
serving the Lord
wherever He led

One day
another day came
and she was gone
a sudden illness
and she lay
quiet in a hospital bed

The stopped visits
became prayers lifted up
and within not many days
she entered
into the presence
of her Lord and Savior

and now
I find
I miss her.

but someday
we will meet again
she and I
and the reunion
will be forever
and ever.

In Memory of
Geraldine "Jerry" Grimm
5/29/1922 - 10/28/2014
(c) November 2, 2014

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