September 03, 2014

Be still ... and know

The Lord tells us to be still
and to know I AM GOD
The Lord says when we focus
our attention on Him
we become revitalized,

He enables us to sort out
the important from the unimportant,
the good from the bad,
the best, the excellence from the mediocre

Those things which are unimportant
will take a backseat
and those which are important
will become a priority

As our focus is more and more on Jesus,
His desires for us
become also our own desires

What is trivial?
and what is important?
But much more to consider is
to whom are we focusing our attention?

Is it all about you
what you want, your perceived needs

or have you turned to the Lord,
spoken to Him
of what is and what isn’t
of  how you wish things were different
of how confined you feel
of how to turn things around

Each of us individually
need a relationship
with God, the creator of our being
with  Jesus, the Savior of our souls
with the Holy Spirit, the helper within our hearts
sent by God through His Son
to convict us, prompt us, enable us

Without this relationship,
we only trudge along,
getting caught up
in the messes of everyday life
never seeing
the miracles and blessings
God has prepared for us.

We see what is presently evident,
but not the complete story, what is beyond.
God sees into the future
and desires to guide us there.

Will we trust Him
more than we trust ourselves?

We are not of much use alone.
We need His enlightenment
His encouragement
His instruction
His love
to get beyond the mediocre
and into the most excellent

God is the most excellent.
Be still in Him.
Let Him bring you through
the stresses and distresses,
past the confusion and
and give you a calmness and peace
only He can provide.

Be still.
and know…
He has our every side
Our best
For He is God.
(c) September 3, 2014

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