September 12, 2014

Quietness and trust

Quietness and trust
accomplish so much
yet instead of meditating
on the power of the Almighty God
we contemplate
on our own next plan
of action or course of attack
against perceived foes

We replace quietness
with anxiety and worry
and trust
with falsehoods and lies

How can we be there for another
How can we build another up
How can we share the light of Jesus
when we find ourselves
being torn down,
torn apart
pushed and pulled on every side

It is God
who builds us up,
encourages us
to boldly go onward and upward
being His messenger to all

God’s desire
is not
to seek and destroy,
but to
save and redeem

We are
to hear,
to listen intently
when the Holy Spirit
speaks to us
We are
to be obedient
to Him
who guides us
in the way
we are to go

We are to seek the quietness
of the Lord
surroundng us
and trust in Him
(c) September 12, 2014

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