December 08, 2014

Where am I?

The Lord is present
Where am I?
He does not leave
He has not departed
He is not absent
His promises are true
He said, He will not leave us,
He will not forsake us

Where am I?

Am I on the outside looking in?
Did I travel
the valley of despair
and release my grip on Him?

The Lord is present
So is Satan
But I gave my life to Jesus
not the devil!

Where am I?

I was lost
and then I found ... Him -- You
and now,
Where am I now?
falling, falling

Catch me Lord
Hold me Lord.

I reach out
The air so thin
a part of the greater good
yet separated
from that goodness

Hold me Lord
Wrap Your mightiness
lovingly around me

Take me away
The griefs of this place
too much, too much

Bring me back
Renew in me
the Spirit of love
and gentleness
and kindness
and patience

Bring all of me to You Lord
Return me to Your fold
so I will know
where I am

I do not like the paths traveled
yet I cannot turn around
unless it is You
who guides me,
who leads the way.
(c) December 8, 2014

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