April 11, 2017

The Lord says ... It will be so

Taken from Isaiah 30: 1-26 and other Scripture

Distress, sorrow will come
to rebellious children everywhere
who take counsel, but not of the Lord
who devise plans, but not of the Lord’s spirit
who add one sin on top of another sin
who walk about – (to Egypt as is this setting  - and elsewhere),
but not the Lord’s way
who do not seek His advice
nor His strength
nor trust in His provisions

It is a disaster coming – there is no remorse

The Lord promises – It is a warning
The strength of the opposition will be your shame.
The trust placed in the hands of the opposition will be your humiliation.
The opposition – the world – will not benefit you nor come to your aid.

A worthless burden carried, going nowhere

It is sad indeed – there is no remorse

Rebellious people - children are everywhere
who lie
who do not hear the law of the Lord
who do not see that which the Lord shows
who desire smooth talking and prophecy filled with deceit;
none of the right things of God
who want to travel paths away from God
who do not want His Holy Presence with them.

The Lord is grieved. His children have no remorse.

Therefore, He, who abides with us, and does not forsake us,
passes judgment.
Disciplined for wrong thinking,
wrong doing,
Because we despise His Word,
Because we trust in and rely on oppression and perversity,
We will fall, broken.
We will not be spared.
Our calamity will come suddenly.

If we would return to Him,
rest in Him, in quietness
trust, confident in His power
we would be saved,
He tells us
but we would not, we will not

We flee,
We think we will escape Him
We think the opposition is better

But we do not escape
We will be pursued
We will be trampled
We will have nothing
The evil we pursue will become our downfall
We will be tormented

But the Lord says, I AM He.
I do not change
I AM the same – yesterday, today, tomorrow – forever!

I wait for you
to turn around,
to repent of your every wrong (sin)
I will be exalted when mercy, My mercy comes to you
I AM a God of Justice – waiting
waiting to bestow blessings unto you.

A time will come
I will hear the anguished cry of your heart’s repentance
and I WILL answer
For I AM gracious.

The troubles (adversity) and pain (affliction) that come in the midst of circumstances are your teacher. Through this you will learn the way, know the truth and live the life. You will see the wrongs and not run toward them, but back away and be rid of them. They are unclean things, like filthy rags. Get Away! Will be your adamant response.

I love you.
(c) April 8-11, 2017

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