January 26, 2013

Can you stand before your Maker?

Do you run
Did you do wrong
Has God called you on the carpet  and you hang your head low
Have the consequences of your actions driven you away
from The One whose aim is to save you from your sins
Are you safe
Has the separation created made you better
Are you justified
Are you free
Has your fear tightened its grip
Do you continue to rebel

Have you considered returning
Have you said I’m sorry Lord
Have you asked for forgiveness
Have you asked the Lord to show you the way back to Him
Do you want to return
Do you want to be complete, one with Him, at peace

Can you stand before your Maker --
Can you hear His voice wherever you are --
Can you say Here I am Lord
Can you face His chastisement

Will you stand before The Lord
Will  you hear His voice
Will you answer
Will you be healed
Will you return

Will you?

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