June 08, 2013

God does not fail me

I am reminded
yet again
God does not fail me

I fail myself
Expectations I put on others
fail me
and cause me
to become disgruntled
but that is only them
them and me
Not God
No, God does not fail me.

What is time
What does tomorrow matter
or yesterday
It is today
and this moment
that is

I may pray
and make bold petitions
to the Lord

I may dream dreams
and make big plans

But I cannot flee
from His presence
from this moment
for it is now
that is Significant

If I flee
from the present
and from His presence
I am lost

I may recognize
who is God
I may bow before Christ,
my Savior
I may give space
to the Holy Spirit

Am I present
Am I abiding in His presence
Am I serving …
not myself
not others
but God

He, who does not fail me

Have I failed Him?
(c) June 8, 2013

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