August 04, 2014


In the midst of every trial we face, God still loves us. He too is disappointed in us at times,  just as there are times we are disappointed in ourselves and in another. Disappointment over decisions made and a realization payment will be made for the consequences. Running away from responsibilities is not the answer. We must stand, together, and fight the battle. We cannot outrun God, who sees everywhere we go.

Based on readings in Ecclesiastes, Philippians 4:8 and Romans 8:28

We run
We look in disdain
those whose actions
disappoint us

Are we so very different?
Have we not all run
at one time or another?

Disappointment comes
from our parents
our friends
other family members

Decisions made
can build us up
and encourage us
or tear us apart
and bring discontent

Every step taken
brings a new decision
a step forward
a step backward

each of us
will pay.

The consequences
of our
ours alone
to bear.


Yet, even then
in the midst
of our trials
and distresses,
our  questions
of which we
have no answers,
God remains faithful.

God still loves us
God still extends His hand
God still offers the gift of salvation
through His Son, Jesus Christ
God still is with us.

In all of life
God is there
We need to come
to unite
and reunite
We need to remember
and remember again

Disappointments will come
as will weeping
tears of joy
and of sadness
Love and laughter
it is life
will you embrace it
and live
as God has purposed

or will you turn away
from that which is
good and true,
noble and just,
pure and lovely and virtuous?

(c) August 1, 2014

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