August 23, 2014

God is Able

God is able.
Much more than we,
and above all
that we ask or think
He is.

Where is your faith?

God does, will fulfill
His promises.

 Do not think
He will not
and you will deem it necessary
to move ahead
under your own steam
your own plans.

 Your goals may be worthy
but God desires
not willful disobedience
because of our failure
to Trust
The Very One
who Is trustworthy.

His presence
goes with us
His Spirit
resides in our heart.

Do not presume
you are all-knowing
You know very little
in retrospect
God knows all
you think and feel and do
He is The Great I AM.

Do not succumb to the pitfalls
of your mind, of the world
for even Satan will bow
at the feet of Jesus.

God is able.

Trust Him.
Believe in Him completely
Be obedient to His commands.
(c) August 23, 2014

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